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Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #007 - Mid-November
November 26, 2008

Kendo for LIFE

Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #007 - Mid-November

Thank you for reading the Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #007.

I was planning to send you this issue earlier and another one with an article but I had to work. I hate it when that happens! I may be able to write an article this month so there may be another issue coming later on this month.


I have several e-mails that I sent came back due to the wrong e-mail address or someone else.

If you don't hear from me within three or four days, it is quite likely that you mistyped your e-mail address or your e-mail software/Internet server reject e-mails from me. Please make sure to whitelist Kendo-Guide.Com.

If you have not done a kendo general survey, please participate. It takes only a few minutes. Thanks!

What we have in this issue is shown below. Enjoy this Newsletter!

Table of Content

- Articles Since the Last Issue -

- Kendo Q & A -

- Comments or Questions -

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- Articles Since the Last Issue -

* Making a shinai from scratch

I introduced a video that shows how a shinai is made but the website seems to be reorganized so the link was broken. I fixed the link so you can see the video again.

Making a shinai from scratch, click here...

* Haya Suburi: Nothing Different from Other Suburi

Haya suburi is one of the most difficult movements at the early stage. However, if you learn it slowly and step by step, you can learn this amazingly easily, I think.

To know more about Haya Suburi, click here...

* Breathing in Kendo

Breathing and kendo are deeply related to each other. The more you train, the more important how you breathe. This article introduces a general idea of breathing in kendo.

To know more about Breathing in Kendo, click here...

* Mokuso Breathing in Kendo

This is the first breathing you learn in kendo, probably...This breathing helps us with breathing for actual training.

To know more about Mokuso in Kendo, click here...

* Breathing in Kendo Training

There are two main breathing for kendo training; one for beginners and one for those who are in bogu.

To know more about Breathing in Kendo Training, click here...

* Breathing in Kata

Unlike other breathing methods, kata breathing is a bit different. And probably most of us find it very hard to do until we get used to.

To know more about Breathing in Kata, click here...

* The 56th All Japan Kendo Championship Videos

I emailed you about the Championship. I am sure that there are more videos now since I informed you. The link I introduced was Japanese one so if you cannot read Japanese, you may find it helpful.

To know more about The 56th All Japan Kendo Championship Videos, click here...

- Kendo Q & A -

- Am I using these kendo terms right?

- How do I tie the knot correctly on the kendo-gi?

- How to wear a Hakama

- Balance in Footwork

- Kendo Ranking System

- How to train kendo alone?

- Why am I not allowed to dodge in kendo?

- A shinai or a bokken?

- Comments or Questions -

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Thank you for reading the newsletter. See you in the next issue!

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