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How do I know if my suburi is becoming right handed?

by soyuz

How do I know if my suburi is becoming right handed?

Answer: It is very hard to explain by writing but I’ll try. There are some tendencies that our strikes become right handed when…

1. the right elbow is extended fully,
2. the tsuka (grip of your sword) is too long,
3. leaning forwards to reach out your opponent,
4. and of course the right hand is really tense.

The "right handed" means basically your right hand becomes really strong so the left hand is not really doing anything.

If you think your kendo become more right hand oriented kendo, try to do suburi or to strike with only your left hand.

Those who strike using the right hand way more than the left hand cannot really strike with only the left hand. It is very hard to do but it is a great way to remind yourself how you should be using your sword.

Try to do suburi or strike with only your left hand. If it feels really weak, then you probably tend to use the right hand too much.

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