Kendo Kata: Gohon-me

In kata gohon-me (No.5), shitachi is going to learn men suri-age men.

Uchitachi takes hidari jōdan and shitachi takes hiraseigan (chūdan but pointing at the left hand of uchitachi).

Kendo Kata No.5 Go honme Uchitachi Hidari JodanUchitachi Hidari Jodan
Kendo Kata No.5 Go honme Shitachi HiraseiganShitachi Hiraseigan

This men cut is not the same the men cut in Kata No.1. In the men cut in No.1, uchitachi intends to cut shitachi in half from the top of the head and all the way through.

However, the men cut in Kata No.5 is executed to cut only face (skull). So when you are practicing uchitachi, make sure that you do not swing down your bokutō all the way down.

Another important thing in kata No. 5 is that uchitachi must execute the men cut as shitachi can execute his/her suri-age properly.

Remember kata is not competition. Kata is to learn many essentials such as breathing technique, ma-ai (distance), ma (timing).

What judges in a kendō exam checking: Of course, your entire kata but if you are shitachi, you must have this movement right.

After suri-age, you must lift your sword up above your head without dropping the kensaki down.

To prevent that, you must lift your hands up diagonally backwards with an angle of about 45 degrees.

Many cannot do it even though it is very easy to fix. Please do pay attention to this movement next time you practice gohon-me.

Bad Furiage of Shitachi after Executing SuriageBad Furiage of Shitachi after Executing Suriage
Good Furiage of Shitachi after Executing SuriageGood Furiage of Shitachi after Executing Suriage

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