Blister Treatment in Kendo

Since blisters are one of a major injuries in kendo, it is a good idea to know blister treatment.

You get blisters on your palm and feet in kendo.

You get blisters on your hand because the shinai is moving on your hand. You get blisters on your left foot because you twist your left foot when you push forward.

You will get blisters; it does not matter how correctly you do kendo. Blisters and kendo are inseparable, unfortunately.

The more you practice, the more you get blisters. But once you pass a certain point, your blisters get so hard that you will have a callous.

But we have to treat blisters in the right manner.

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I am sure that I treated the blisters in a wrong manner.

So I would like to introduce you a good website that tells you how to treat your blisters.

If we cannot avoid getting blisters, we have to avoid getting them infected.

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