Kiai Like an Arrow

Kendo kiai is very different from just a loud voice. But that is the start. 

And I say to my students, "Kiai should be like an arrow". But of course, there are  levels you have to go through to increase your kiai strength.

5 Levels of Kiai

  1. Be as loud as you can so you will lose your voice.
  2. Don’t give up there. Squeeze your abs to have more kiai (this will teach you how to use your abs to have a good kiai)
  3. Make your kiai sharper like an arrow. Still has to be loud. But making it sharp the quality of your kiai will change.
  4. Learn how to maintain your lower abs filled with energy (start thinking about this when you become 3 or 4-dan).
  5. You should be able to maintain the same level of kiai even when you are quiet (this probably starts around 6 dan)
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