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Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #062 - A Fun Way to Do Kendo
April 11, 2012

Kendo for LIFE

Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #062 - A Fun Way to Do Kendo

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Some of you might know already about Kendo Watercooler. It is a new service that allows us to share what I instruct at the dojo. I believe that real teachings live at dojo and I have been thinking how I could share that with as many people as possible. Then Kendo Watercooler is born.

Find out more about Kendo Watercooler. If you like kendo in a way I do, you will like it!

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I hope you enjoy it!

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- A Fun Way to Do Kendo-

I just want to share what I’ve working on for a while. And I am hoping that you find it interesting and try it in your next training.

What We Usually Do in Jigeiko

In jigeiko (sparring), we try to strike others. And we try techniques or whatever we have learned on our opponent. These are very important steps in the process of improving our kendo. Learn, Try and Adjust. And try it again.

Try This Now…

Try to talk to your opponent. I do not mean literally. Try to think what your opponent wants to do instead of thinking what you want to try on your opponent.

This may be something 4-dan or above must do but nothing wrong for 3-dan or below to try. It is more like conversation. You try to understand what your opponent is trying to say, and then you accept it. And then you tell your opponent your point.

Some may call it “reading opponent’s mind” but it does not have to be that “special”. We should be more understandable.

You know what even though we have only 4 targets (men, kote, do and tsuki) it is very hard to know what your opponent will do. It is very hard to LISTEN to your opponent and see their point.

If you want to beat up your opponent without thinking about what your opponent wants to do, you often end up with doing what we call, chicken fight, i.e. attacking randomly while hoping you get a point.

When you are at kyu level, it is OK because you must know how to attach first and you should not be blocking all the time. But you have to grow out of it when you become dan level. You should start thinking ma (timing), maai (distance) and opportunities.

It is very like conversation. You should know when to listen and when to speak. That is timing. You should know the best opportunity to talk about something. It is because some topics are only understood when your listener is ready to listen. For example, we should not talk about seme when the listeners do not know how to execute attacks properly. It is like that. So we should know opportunities to execute our strike.

Distance is also an important part of conversation. We have comfortable personal space so they will not listen to you when you step in to their personal space because that makes them uncomfortable.

In kendo as well we have our personal space. But it is more like we should know our own distance so we can strike our opponent but our opponent cannot strike us.

Thinking about what your opponent wants to do makes kendo much more interesting to me now. Of course, if you are at kyu level and you should learn striking first, rather than trying to execute counterattacks.

If you are 4-dan or above you should definitely try to do that. If you are 2-dan and 3-dan, try that sometimes. It is harder than it sounds.

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