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Re-send: Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #044 - Campaign Started!
December 06, 2010

Kendo for LIFE

Re-send: Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #044 - Campaign Started!

Sorry. I did not include the links to the products in the previous email. So I am resending the same email with the product links. Sorry about that!

Thank you for opening the newsletter.

Today I just wanted to remind you that "I Super Appreciate You" Discount starts today.

I am celebrating that Kendo-Guide.Com had more than 10,000 visitors last month.

And I really want to show my appreciation to you so I am taking 50% off from the following products.

But you need a coupon code that I'll tell you soon.

Since the system I use won't allow you to buy more than one product at a time, the coupon code can be used 3 times.

So if you want to buy all the products with 50% discount, you can.

You can share the coupon code with your friends or kendo mates as a holiday present for them!

Coupon code: ThankYouSoMuch

Again I really appreciate your support and really I could not do this without you.

Thank you very very much!

The products are...

- Online Kendo Basics Video

- How to Learn Kendo Movements More Easily and Quickly

- Interview with Alex Bennett

Hiro Imafuji
Kendo For Life, LLC

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Thank you for reading the newsletter. See you in the next issue!

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