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Jan 30, 2018
Kendo in N & NW Tasmania
by: Kurt Tuthill

Hi Ky and Sam.

There are options in N and NW Tasmania.

Anthony Jensen and I started training together in the late 80’s through to 1996, under Master Song in Launceston. He is now based at Dae Han Moo Do Kwan in Sydney and his daughter Jenny is in the Australian team and ranked top 16 in the world.

Anthony is based near Launceston and I am in Ulverstone. We have been instructing monthly classes at Beaconsfield (Diemens Martial Arts) for the last 3 years and Burnie (TFK Ju Jitsu at the PCYC) through 2017.

We are both members of the Hobart Club and I train there about once a fortnight also.

If you are interested in trying Kendo please contact me - 0417 011 262.


Jan 01, 2018
I know your pain
by: Ky

I know what your going though. I live in Wynyard which is 2 hour to Launceston and 5 hour to Hobart. and Iv wanted to try kendo for a while but it just to far we really need some dojo around Burnie,Devonport Launceston area

Sep 19, 2016
In reply to Adrian
by: Kendo-Guide.Com

Thank you very much for sharing your experience and very encouraging words!

I am so glad that you like kendo so much! Please keep posting. We always love to hear the encouraging words!


Sep 19, 2016
Starting Kendo.
by: Anonymous

Hi Sam,
Kendo is perfect for maintaining an affinity with body and mind and I would recommend you to travel that 4 hour round trip distance. I have posted a couple of messages on Kendo for Life saying I was so fortunate to have located a Kendo club 120 km away. IT takes me (and my son) about 2 and 1/2 hours round trip from near Albury NSW to Benalla VIC (Victorian Kendo Renmei). We also train with a guy that is travelling around a 3 and 1/2 hour round trip. We train every week. We also train for 2 hours at a local hall privately, just to go over what our sensei in Benalla teaches us.

You could travel the 4 hours once a fortnight or month, get your membership that way and train privately each week, as we do. If this proves too expensive try to find someone with the same interest in Kendo, so you can car pool. Kendo is more than worth the skills (physical and mental). I am a high school teacher and the job can be very stressfull and Kendo has greatly improved my physical and mental wellbeing.

Good Luck

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