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Starting Out in Kendo


I just found out Kendo to be my new interest & I hope to take up classes soon, however I'm afraid that it might be too physically demanding so I only intend to treat it as a serious hobby & don't plan to train at a competitive level

So my questions are:

Will Kendo be too harsh on not-so-sporty people?

At what stage will one be considered "competent" enough to master everything? (Preferably without going for competitions)

Also, as one with learning disabilities:

Will I still be qualified to learn this revered marital art?

Answer: Thank you for your questions. I will answer one by one.

Will Kendo be too harsh on not-so-sporty people?

I don’t think so. Kendo training never ends. There is a teacher who is 101 years old (as of 2016) and still practicing. Ask him if he has mastered everything. I am sure he would say, no.

If you see kendo as a competitive sport, then you probably feel like you should master as many techniques as possible and as quickly as possible. But kendo is to improve yourself so training to improve yourself should never end, don’t you think?

Will I still be qualified to learn this revered marital art?

Not sure what types of learning disabilities we are talking about here but as long as you are serious about learning kendo, it doesn’t matter how long it will take you to learn one movement in kendo. It is about your improvement and if you can be patient to overcome your frustration, there should be no one else to stop you.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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