How to Start Training in Kendo

"How to start training" is very basic and very important part of kendo.If you do not know how to start kendo training, you are missing a big part of kendo.

In kendo as well as the other Japanese martial arts we say, "Begin with Rei, finish with Rei."

Rei is a bow with "respect"or"courtesy".

A bit more explanation of rei is Kendo Terminology "Rei".

Without that concept martial arts become martial techniques.

So please pay a lot of attention to that and do it whenever you start kendo training.

In this video, you can learn

Basically these things are the same all over the Japanese kendo world. Therefore, you should not be in trouble.

My way of zarei (sitting bow) may be a bit different since it is an old way.

However, another way is also introduced here so please make sure that you know both. Both of them are "correct".

They are very important so please make sure that you can do them properly.

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