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Practice hitting a do strike

by Mark

Thanks for answering my first question. Currently, I'm trying to practice avoiding bending my left arm most of the time when I do a do strike. My sensei a while ago says not to do it similarly like a baseball swing.

I understand what he's trying to explain, but I feel that I was able to do it when I practice by myself. It's when I train with others that I sometimes see this, coupled with the problem of the right distance.

I plan to buy a suburi training tool to practice my swings to make sure they're always straight.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer: Sorry about my late reply. I know you posted twice.

I am not too sure how you can keep your left art straight when striking the . If you can send me a video, it is much easier for me to understand what you are talking about.

Now about the bending the left elbow. I have two videos about the elbows. So please watch them and tell me what you think.

Hope the videos help.

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Dec 18, 2017
In reply to Mark
by: Kendo-Guide.Com

Great! Hope the videos help you with your do study!

Dec 15, 2017
Follow up
by: Mark

I watched your "30Kendo Basics III: Tandoku Dosa: Kote and Do Strike" and at the dou portion, you did mention that one should move the right hand a bit and keep the left arm steady when doing the dou. I sometimes twist the left arm/hand when I execute a doh at the motodachi. That video also helps me understand why I make that mistake.

Dec 15, 2017
by: Mark

I think the first video explains better on how to deal with the elbows.

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