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Points to Improve Kendo Kata

When you practice kendo kata, especially not only for your next promotion exam but for your kendo improvement, there are certain points to improve kendo kata. 

If you do kendo kata right, I am so sure that it will help your kendo as well. So let's begin!

Big, No Hurry and Relax

That is it! Of course, assuming that you do have good basics of kendo, you must remember to do kata

  • Big
  • No Hurry
  • Relax

Your techniques should be big. Many people execute their techniques too small. When you do it small, it looks like you are in a hurry. That is why...

You certainly do not want to look like you are trying to get it done with. You must look like you know what you are doing and it would probably look almost slow too.

And you should look relax. Well, basically you should be relax. If you are in control, you do look relax, don't you think?

That's how you should look. You are in control.

No Strength and No Speed are Needed

In the Book of Five Rings, apparently Musashi says that you should not rely on speed nor strength

It is simply if you rely on only speed, you are not very practical. When the time Musashi lived, they used to fight outside. 

Not only the field is not totally flat, but also there are obstacles around like logs and stones. 

If you rely on only speed, you would probably not be able to seize an opportunity to win the battle. 

In other words, you should know when to swing fast and strong.

Next time you practice kata, think about those. I am hoping to share a video soon!

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