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Kendo Kata: Roppon-me

In kata roppon-me (No.6), shitachi is going to learn kote-suriage-kote. Uchitachi is in chūdan and shitachi takes gedan to start with.

In the old manual (Dai Nippon Teikoku Kendō Kata), it is said that uchitachi takes seigan, which is not a mere chūdan.

In seigan here, the kensaki of uchitachi should point between the shitachi’s eyes. However, the current manual does not have such description.

The kote both uchitachi and shitachi execute is a small kote. That means both do not lift their bokutō up above the eye height. It is more like small kote strike in the modern kendo.

The important thing is that uchitachi must execute a kote cut properly even though it is small and fast. What that means is that the uchitachi’s kote strike cannot be too small and too fast.

And one of the common mistakes is that the uchitachi’s kote strike does not even reach the shitachi’s kote as a result of making the kote cut too small and fast.

If you don’t mess this part up, your roppon-me should look good.

The article is contributed by Ed, edited by Hiro Imafuji.

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