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What's New?

Podcast Episode 51: Fight with Healthy Body and Mind

This is a 10th Lesson from Kaida sensei's book about attitudes towards shiai. But it really helps our attitudes in our daily keiko as well.

Now while introducing his thoughts, I am expanding them into our daily keiko so I am sure you can benefit out of this podcast.

Continue reading "Podcast Episode 51: Fight with Healthy Body and Mind"

How to maintain a smoked shinai

Just wondering how to properly maintain a smoked shinai. Do I need to oil it? I went through several articles online. Some suggests oiling the smoked

Continue reading "How to maintain a smoked shinai"

Some beginner questions.

I just started practicing kendo from your videos. I do not know much about kendo and have some basic questions. I started practicing the Joge buri? (I

Continue reading "Some beginner questions."

Leg's width in kamae.

I'm not sure about the proper words to explain my doubt today, but let's try. Talking about legs, I've noticed that there are different ways of standing

Continue reading "Leg's width in kamae."

Kendo at Promotions

I have just returned from failing my promotional exam. While I know by my performance that I have more to work on, I was frustrated beyond belief to see

Continue reading "Kendo at Promotions"

T-shirt Design Contest has Started

Are you a designer or artist? Come and participate in this t-shirt design contest held by Kendo For Life,LLC. Show off your talent to the world!

Continue reading "T-shirt Design Contest has Started"

Hiro's Review on Nito vs Jodan

[Only for Kendo For Life Club Members] This is a streaming version of Hiro's Reiew on Nito vs Jodan. What did you think? I thought this was a phychological game. Hope you like the review!

Continue reading "Hiro's Review on Nito vs Jodan"

Hiro's Pick: Beautiful Men Kaeshi Do

[Service for Only Patrons (Perl level and up)]Here is a clip from Kyoto Taikai I found on YouTube.The Do was so beautiful! Cannot wait to review this video!Enjoy!

Continue reading "Hiro's Pick: Beautiful Men Kaeshi Do"

Podcast Episode 47: Fight with Techniques

In this episode, I would like to introduce Lesson 5 Fight with Techniques from a book written by Akira Kaida sensei. This episode doesn't explain just what techniques you should learn but this indicates what you should be learning at your level. Hope this helps!

Continue reading "Podcast Episode 47: Fight with Techniques"

Adjusting Shinai´s Length

I have a question about adjusting on purpose the length of the shinai, specifically cutting short the tsuka part of the shinai. Some people claims that

Continue reading "Adjusting Shinai´s Length"

Hiro's Review on Dagashira Men

[Patron Kendo For Life Club members Only] Without Kaida sensei's book, I don't think I could analyze it in detail.

Continue reading "Hiro's Review on Dagashira Men"

Hiro's Pick: Sakata sensei vs Eto sensei

[Patron Pearl Level and Up Only] Let's learn how difficult it is to strike and also how "fighting for the center" is complex.

Continue reading "Hiro's Pick: Sakata sensei vs Eto sensei"

Episode 45: Fight with Footwork

In this episode, I want to share Lesson 3: Fight with Footwork, one of the 12 lessons from the book written by Akira Kaida sensei.

In the next training, please focus on your feet!Hope this helps!

Continue reading "Episode 45: Fight with Footwork"

Bent shinai

I have a short practical question. Is there any way to fix a shinai that is bending? A fellow kenshi realized about it today, my sinai is bending towards

Continue reading "Bent shinai"

About Gyaku Do

It's rare to see somebody getting a ippon when striking Gyaku Do in shiai. Besides that, there are many ways of doing zanshin after a Gyaku Do strike.

Continue reading "About Gyaku Do"

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