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Harai and Uchitoshi

by Reyhan Hadiman
(Bandung, Indonesia)

Hi, My name is Reyhan from Indonesia.. I would ask a question.

1. What is Harai?

2. What is Uchitoshi?

3. Which one of them is more effective during jigeiko or shiai?

Awaiting your reply.. Thank You.....

Answer: Hi, Reyhan. Thank you for your question.

1. What is Harai?

Harai is a technique you use when your opponent's shinai is in your way. Basically you slap your opponent's shinai away from the centre. This is also used to see how your opponent reacts to this so you can plan your attacks.

2. What is Uchitoshi?

Uchiotoshi is a technique as a counterattack. Basically you know down your opponent's shinai coming to a target. This is seen in uchiotoshi men, No.9 of Bokutō Kihon Hō.

3. Which one of them is more effective during jigeiko or shiai?

Uchiotoshi is basically difficult to execute. This is commonly used when your opponent strikes hiki on you.

Harai is more commonly used to see what your opponent would do when you execute a harai so you can plan your next move.

Hope this helps.

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Nov 02, 2012
Thank You
by: Reyhan Hadiman

Thanks for the answer. It really helps me, because I sometimes can't plan my next movement, and I can't read what my opponent will do.

Now, I'm started to do harai during jigeiko, and I can a little see my opponent reaction a little (maybe I need more practise)..

Kendo-Guide.Com: You're welcome! Glad that you are doing something you have learned.

It gets harder and harder but also more and more fun!

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